Frequently asked questions
Will there be a dialogue tree system that allows roleplaying different personalities and achieving different endings? Will there be quests or something similar?
We are developing a very narrative-heavy game. The main characters will be developed throughout the story. We want to tell players their own stories, built around their own choices.
What options will players have in terms of character upgrades?
The player character will be able to unlock new abilities and skills during gameplay that will affect their combat efficiency.
Will the playable characters have superpowers?
We plan on avoiding this. Naturally, they will have certain special skills, but those will be much more grounded than, say, shooting webs from their wrists or laser beams from their eyes.
Will there be an online mode? Will the game be PvE-only?
We have many ideas and plans, but for now we want to focus on the current project, which is envisioned strictly as a story-driven PvE game. But perhaps, some of the ideas that don't make their way into Siberia will be utilized in other ways in the future.
How will the leveling, weapons, talents, and other systems work? Will there be character specializations that focus on foraging for herbs, berries, etc. for recovery or healing?
Recovery and healing will be part of the gameplay. Same goes for chases and shootouts—after all, we are making an adventure game first and foremost.
How much focus there will be on gunplay, i.e. the impact of shots and enemy reactions to being hit?
Gunplay and weapons—both firearms and melee—will play a large role in the gameplay. The characteristics of that era's weapons (rate of fire, etc.) will affect the weapon balance and the way enemies and players use them against each other.
Will the Mosin–Nagant rifle be in the game?
Of course.
Will there be animals, such as dogs and horses? Or any means of transportation?
Обязательно There will be various means of transportation, even an armored train..
Who are the enemies? Will there be a main antagonist? Or will you stay true to Russian sci-fi traditions and make society, war or inequality the ultimate evil?
We would rather keep some things secret for now. We want this to be a surprise for players. But we can say that we will try to provide a lot of variety among enemies.
What about different endings? Will the main storyline be about Martians vs humans, or humans vs humans?
We have only one ending planned, but the player will have to face different enemies. And they definitely won't always be the Martians.
Will the game feature romance options?
We do not discount romantic relationships between characters as a possibility.
Will good prevail?
Good has to prevail. If, of course, the player manages to defeat the evil.
Will the game be in 3rd person (similar to Mass Effect) or 1st person?
At this stage of development, only 3rd-person view is planned.
What kind of style can we expect in the game—photorealism, hand-drawn, or something else?
The visuals will be realistic. Time and our development will tell just how photorealistic.
How much will players be able to modify characters' appearances?
We haven't worked on this aspect yet, but we want to include different options for altering the characters' looks, including the ability to swap outfits, among other things.
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